Abdul Kader passes away

Abdul Kader passes away

Renowned actor Abdul Kader passed away today at the capital's Evercare Hospital at 8:20 am. The news was confirmed by his daughter-in-law, Zahida Islam.

The actor, who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in Chennai's Christian Medical Hospital, returned to Dhaka on December 20. After immediately being admitted to Evercare Hospital, he had tested positive for Covid-19. Doctors in Chennai had declared that he was physically too weak for chemotherapy.

Born in Sonarong village, Tongibari, Munshiganj, Kader's acting career started with the role of Amal in Rabindranath Tagore's play "Daakghor". A student of Dhaka University, Kader was involved in theatre from his student life. He was the drama editor of Mohsin Hall Student Association.

Abdul Kader gained immense popularity in the 90s through several popular television shows. He made regular appearances on the popular family-oriented show, "Ittyadi", for quite some time.

Among other things, he was known for playing Bodi in Humayun Ahmed's "Kothao Keu Nei". Bodi played a crucial role in Baker Bhai's death sentence in the popular series. Kader was lauded for his performance.

"Matir Kole", "Nokkhotrer Raat", "Shobuj Sathi", "Agun Laga Shondhya" "Tin Tekka", "Nitu Tomake Bhalobashi", "Kushum Kushum Bhalobasha", "Shundorpur Kotodur", "Amader Choto Nodi", "Durer Akash", "Harano Sur", "Ei Shei Konthoshor", "Bohurupi", "Ek Jonome", and "Jol Pore Pata Nore", among others are some of his most notable television projects.

Kader also made a mark in television commercials with his natural grace. He played a memorable role in the popular feature film "Wrong Number" as well.

His portrayals of humorous characters on television made him a favourite amongst people from all walks of life, over the years.

The actor made his debut on television in 1972 with the television show, "Esho Golper Deshe". He later started working in radio the following year.

He was a part of the renowned stage performance troupe, Theatre, for several decades. He performed for more than thirty plays as a part of this troupe.

"Payer Awaj Pawa Jay", "Tomrai", "Meraj Fokirer Ma", "Dui Bon" and "Ekhono Kritodas" among others are some of his notable plays. He also performed in theatre plays abroad.

Kader served as the Vice President of the TV Drama Artiste and Playwright's Association (TENASINAS) for a long time.

He successfully maintained a professional career at the reputed shoe company, Bata, for decades. He stepped into the private job sector in the 80s.

The actor is survived by his wife, Khairunnesa Kader, a son and a daughter.