34 COVID-19 patients die

34 COVID-19 patients die

COVID-19 claimed 34 more lives in Bangladesh in the 24 hours till 8:00am on Sunday, taking the death toll from the disease to 3,399.

With 2,487 new infections confirmed during the same time, the total number of people infected with the virus so far rose to 2,57,600, that is, 20.44 per cent of the people who got tested for the virus since its emergence in the country on March 8.

‘A total of 1,766 COVID-19 patients have recovered in the period,’ said health authority spokesperson Nasima Sultana.

She said that so far 148,370 people recovered, that is, 57.60 per cent of the total number of COVID-19 patients.

Of the newly deceased, 31 were male. Males account for 79.02 per cent of the total coronavirus deaths and females 20.98 per cent.

Eleven of the dead were aged between 61 and 70 years, six between 51 and 60 years, six between 71 and 80 years, and five others between 41 and 50 years, four between 31 and 40 years, one between 21 and 30 years, while another one between 81 and 90 years.

Dhaka division recorded the highest number of deaths, 14, in the 24-hour period until Sunday morning while Khulna seven, Chattogram six, Rajshahi four, Rangpur two, and Mymensingh registered one death.

Thirty two of the infected people died at hospitals and two at their homes, Nasima said.

The daily infection rate remained high in Bangladesh amid a low number of tests since the beginning of June.

Dhaka emerged as the worst-hit city accounting for almost half the deaths so far recorded in the country since March 18.

Chattogram is the second worst with close to a quarter of the total deaths.