Problems in Vitamin-A capsules’ texture

Problems in Vitamin-A capsules’ texture

State minister for health Md Murad Hossain on Friday said Vitamin-A Plus campaign has been postponed as problems have been found in the textures of the capsule.

‘We’ve found in some packs that the red-capsules got attached to each other. But, we’re collecting samples and tests will confirm whether there’s any problem with its quality,’ he said.

Necessary steps will be taken after the tests, Hossain added.

The minister came up with the observation after inspecting samples of the capsule at the Circuit House in presence of the civil surgeon and other officials.

On Thursday, the government postponed the National Vitamin-A Plus campaign scheduled for Saturday mentioning ‘unavoidable’ reasons.

The campaign to feed Vitamin-A Plus capsules to all children aged from six months to 59 months was supposed to be held across Bangladesh on January 26.