2 Rana Plaza survivors fall sick during hunger strike

2 Rana Plaza survivors fall sick during hunger strike

Two Rana Plaza survivors have fallen sick while observing hunger strike in Savar.

RMG worker Mahmudul Hasan Hridoy is continuing his hunger strike—for the third consecutive day—in the area in front of where the building collapsed six years ago.

Seven other workers have joined him on his 11-point demand hunger strike.

Mahmudul and another worker, Baki Billah, have already fallen sick because of the strike and have received first aid..

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They say they will continue to strike until all their demands are fulfilled.

The 11 point demands are: all survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse must receive Tk48 Lakh compensation; the survivors must be rehabilitated; the survivors must have access, lifelong, to healthcare facilities; April 24 must be declared a national mourning day; education must be provided for victims’ children; the culprits must receive the highest punishment; the culprits’ wealth must be seized; rescuers must receive healthcare services; a permanent mausoleum in remembrance of victims must be constructed; victims’ families must receive free treatment; and those affected must be assured jobs.

Mahmudul said: “Six years have passed since the Rana Plaza incident, victims have not yet received the compensation, and the culprits have not been punished.

“Victims are suffering tremendously.”

All other workers of Rana Plaza are in support of this strike.