US to pursue justice for Rohingyas: Blinken

US to pursue justice for Rohingyas: Blinken

The US secretary of state Antony J Blinken has said the United States remains committed to advancing justice and accountability for all the people of Myanmar.

In a statement marking the sixth anniversary of ‘Genocide’ against Rohingya, he said the US will continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar in their aspirations for a ‘democratic, inclusive, and peaceful’ future.

On August 25, the sixth anniversary of genocide against Rohingya, the United States said they stand with the victims and survivors.

Blinken reaffirmed their commitment to pursue justice and accountability for the atrocities committed by the Myanmar military.

‘We are deeply grateful to the Government and the people of Bangladesh for giving shelter and refuge to nearly one million Rohingya, as well as other countries in the region hosting Rohingya refugees,’ he said.

The United States has provided over $2.1 billion to assist those affected by the crisis in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and elsewhere in the region since 2017, remaining the leading single largest donor of life-saving humanitarian assistance to those whose lives have been upended by the violence.

The escalation of violence throughout the country has exacerbated the dire humanitarian situation, particularly for members of ethnic and religious minority communities, including Rohingya.

Since December 2017, the United States has imposed sanctions and visa restrictions on individuals and entities most responsible for the ongoing violence, according to US Department of State.