Haley’s remarks at UNSC on UN charter

Haley’s remarks at UNSC on UN charter

New York, Feb 22 (Just News): Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, delivered remarks at a UN Security Council briefing on the purpose and principals of the UN Charter in the maintenance of international peace and security.

“It is important that we pause for a moment every so often to reflect why it is we’re here and what guides our work. And we should start by being honest: there is a lot of lip service paid to the Charter of the United Nations. Everyone claims to be motivated by it and to be acting in accordance with its principles. But all too often, Member States invoke the UN Charter not to inspire us to act, but to excuse their lack of action. And so we see the Security Council frequently failing to act at the times it’s most important to defend the principles of the Charter.”

“Sovereignty is critically important. The United States will never forfeit our sovereign right to govern ourselves and determine our future. All Member States share this right. But all Member States also struggle to balance their sovereign interests with the need to work cooperatively with other nations. In the United States, our constitution and democratic system of government binds us to act in the interests of our people. I am accountable to the American people in what I say and what I do. Governments that are not accountable to their people are less constrained. They often point to sovereignty to justify bad behavior – and to claim this Council has no business meddling in their affairs. But sovereignty gives no country the right to trample on the human rights and fundamental freedoms of others.”

“Human rights are the Security Council’s business. This is so because the UN Charter calls on all members to respect these rights. And also because violations of human dignity inevitably lead to threats to peace and security.”

“For the words of the Charter to have any meaning, all Member States must be accountable and abide by them. For the words of the Charter to have any meaning, the Security Council must be willing to act when Member States violate them.”