Jet fuel price rises to Tk 130 a litre

Jet fuel price rises to Tk 130 a litre

The government has increased the price of jet fuel once again by Tk 19 to Tk 130 a litre, effective from 9 July on domestic flights.

Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation announced the new price on its website.

Jet fuel prices saw multiple rises since April 2021, with price being Tk 61 a litre, rising in August and in December that year.

Prices of jet fuel increased by Tk 7 in February and then in March this year to Tk 80 and Tk 87 a litre. The price touched three digits in April at Tk 100 a litre.

The price of jet fuel rose by Tk 5 to Tk 111 a litre on 10 June after seeing a Tk 6 rise to Tk 106 a litre on 17 May.

A big portion of flight operation costs depends on jet fuel price. Prices of jet fuel doubled in last two years, thus, increasing airfares on domestic routes.