Family outing turns fatal: Woman, two sons killed in Bailey Road fire

Family outing turns fatal: Woman, two sons killed in Bailey Road fire

Nazia Ahmed, a mother of two, had taken her sons to have burgers in the capital’s Bailey Road area.

Little did anyone know that this would be their last outing together, and they would not return home again.

All three of them lost their lives in the devastating fire that took place at the seven-storey Green Cozy Cottage building on Thursday night.

Family members said Nazia had called her husband Ashik when their sons were asking her to take them out to eat. As Ashik was at his workplace, he had requested Nazia to take them herself.

Rifat, a relative of the victims, said Nazia talked to her husband over the phone when the fire broke out. Amidst the chaos, her younger son got separated from them. Tragically, they all were killed in the fire.

At least 45 people were killed, and over 20 others sustained severe injuries by a devastating fire on Thursday night.

Firefighters rescued 70 people, including 42 in unconscious state, from the rooftop and different floors of the seven-storey Green Cozy Cottage.

The fire broke out at the restaurant named “Kacchi Bhai” on the first floor around 9:45pm. Many people were dining in the restaurants when the fire spread to other floors.

Most of the people died as they jumped off the building or from burns or suffocation, said firefighters who brought the fire under control around 12:30am.

Fire officials say the blaze spread fast due to the presence of gas cylinders on several floors in the restaurant kitchens. People could not leave the building due to smoke in the staircase.