Minimum Fitra fixed at Tk 70

Minimum Fitra fixed at Tk 70

The Islamic Foundation has set the Fitra at minimum Tk70 and maximum Tk1,980 for the current year.

Assistant Director of Islamic Foundation Mohammad Nizam Udin confirmed the matter on Thursday.

Fitra, also known as Zakat al-fitr or fitrana, is compulsory charity paid by every Muslim at the end of Ramadan.

Under the Islamic Shariah, the rate for Fitra per person can be based on one of the prices of flour, dates, raisin, cheese, or barley.

As Fitra, flour, with a market value of Tk70 can be given to the needy.

The other options are- barley, raisin, dates or cheese.

People of the Muslim community can choose one of those goods or its maximum market value in taka to pay Fitra.