HC rejects writ seeking observance of 8 Nat’l Days

HC rejects writ seeking observance of 8 Nat’l Days

Dhaka, Jan 8 (Just News): The High Court (HC) today rejected a writ petition seeking its order on the authorities concerned to ensure that eight particular days are observed by all political parties and citizens.

The HC bench of Justice Quazi Reza-Ul Hoque and Justice Mohammad Ullah passed the rejection order saying that this court is not entitled to order citizens and political parties for observance of the eight particular days by force.

The parliament can ensure observance of the days, it says.

The eight days include the National Mourning Day, Mujibnagar Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, Intellectual Killing Day, Jail Killing Day on November 3.

Supreme Court lawyer Shahidul Islam Titu on January 4 filed the petition praying a stay on national election to allow Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to remain in power until all political parties compulsorily observe the days.