Slow internet likely on Friday

Slow internet likely on Friday

Internet users in Bangladesh may experience slow internet speed on Friday, May 28, due to routine maintenance work of a submarine cable.

Submarine cable SEA-ME-WE-4 will be shifted and operational from a new route, from its existing one.

This may result in slow internet speed from 2pm-10pm, forcing slower speed for audio/video calls, browsing social media apps, and other websites.

Md Mashiur Rahman, managing director of Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Ltd (BSCCL), told Dhaka Tribune that the consortium overseeing the maintenance work informed them that maintenance work will start from 2pm and end around 7pm Bangladesh time.

“But it may go on till 10:00pm,” he warned. “However, efforts will be made to keep the country's internet connectivity normal through the second submarine cable SEA-ME-WE-5.”

Currently around 500 Gbps comes through SEA-ME-WE-4.

As cable repairing and transferring will be going on, the supply of bandwidth from SEA-ME-WE-4 will not be possible, resulting in internet connectivity disruption.

“During this time, bandwidth from International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) and SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable will be used to keep the country's internet flow normal,” Mashiur Rahman added.