70 injured in armed BCL clash in JU

70 injured in armed BCL clash in JU

Infighting between two Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) factions in Jahangirnagar University has left at least 70 injured, including police and journalists on Wednesday.

According to witnesses, there was a dispute among Chhatra League factions from Maulana Bhasani Hall and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall, which initially sparked from an argument at a local sweetmeat store.

Around 2pm, the argument escalated into a full-blown skirmish with firearms and sharp and blunt weapons brought into play.

Witnesses reported at least 10 rounds were fired as the two factions vied for dominance on the campus.

Afterwards, police were deployed and they fired tear gas to bring things under control. However, as of 4:30pm, both factions held ground in front of their respective halls.

Assistant Proctor Mohibur Rouf Shaibal and a police officer were reported injured during the clash. In addition, a journalist named Jubayer Kamal was beaten up when he tried to video the situation.

The injured students are being treated at the university’s medical center. However, their identities could not be ascertained immediately.

Jewel Rana, president of the Jahangirnagar University unit of Chhatra League, said: “The clash was between students from two halls. If anyone from Chhatra League was involved, we will take disciplinary actions against them, and ask the universities to act similarly.”

Acting Proctor ASM Firoz Ul Hasan said: “The conflict was over something trivial. But we had to call the police in. The situation is now somewhat under control. We are concerned it may escalate again.”