DU off-limits to outsiders

DU off-limits to outsiders

Dhaka, July 9 (Just News): No outsider will be allowed to roam around in the campus without permission from the concerned authority, Dhaka University authorities announced today.

The DU campus is only open to its students. No outsider will be allowed to roam around and hold activities in the campus without permission, according to a press release from Public Relations Office of the university.

The provost committee came up with the decision at a meeting held on July 5 in the backdrop of "unwanted incidents centering the quota reform movement", says the press note.

The provost committee also decided to take assistance from the law enforcers to detect and oust any outsider from the campus and the residential halls.

Besides, the meeting decided to urge all the hall authorities to remain alert about the presence of any militant and extremist groups in the halls, says the release.

The move comes following unrest on the campus centering the quota-reform movement.

In February, students of different public universities and jobseekers under the banner of "Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Adhikar Sangrakkhan Parishad" launched a movement demanding quota reforms in the civil service.

On April 11, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in parliament spoke of abolishing all types of quotas in public jobs.

As no gazette notification was issued in this regard, the protesters started preparing for fresh programmes. But they were attacked on the DU and RU campuses.

On July 2, the government formed a seven-member committee “to review or reform or cancel” the quota system for the civil service.