Rushanara ahead of vote fight, Ajmal in campaign

Rushanara ahead of vote fight, Ajmal in campaign

Special correspondent from London, June 6 (Just News): Britain heads to the polls on June 8 for a snap general election. And as the campaigns unfold over 50 days, the eyes of thousands of strategists, politicians and the public are on the polls.

Fourteen Bangladeshi born British citizens are taking part in the polls. But all eyes of Bangladeshis on Bethnal Green and Bow seat of London. Oxford graduate Bethnal Rushanara Ali seals the first victory as parliament member and draws attraction of others in 2010 from Bangladeshi dominated constituency.

Tower Hamlets of London known as ‘Bangali para’. Bethnal Green and Bow seat is the second majority ethnic community. Voters are 33.6 percent of the total of this seat. Locals are in wait of long time to have a Bangladeshi MP from this seat.

As a predecessor of Peter Shore, Una king and George Galloway, Rushanara elected herself as a first Bangladeshi MP in 2010 polls. In 2015 polls Rushanara re-elected with huge majority of voters. She got 61 percent vote. His closest rival Mat Smith of Tory Party got only 15 percent vote.

In 2010, when Rushanara Ali elected as a member of the House of Commons for the first time, she secured 21,874 votes which is 43 percent of the total vote. Her closest rival Ajmol Mosrur secured 10,210 votes. In 2015 polls Rushnara’s vote increased by 32,378 which is 61 percent of total vote.

It was easy to vie in 2015 polls for Rushanara but the scenario of 8 June polls a different. Liberal Democratic candidate Ajmol Masrur is taking part in polls competition from same seat as a liberal candidate. Local analytics think that though Ajmol as a TV personality is ahead for campaign but Rushanara will be simle at last for victory.


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