Alamgir blasts Joy

Here comes ‘information’ again

Here comes ‘information’ again

Dhaka, Dec 12 (Just News): In an oblique reference to the prime minister’s ICT adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy’s claim that his survey points to a clean sweep for the ruling Bangladesh Awami League (AL) in the next polls, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday said “the information has come” once again.

“He [Joy] had come before the 2014 general elections and had said he has information that Awami League must win the elections. That information has come once again,” said Mirza Fakhrul.

He was addressing a discussion meeting organised by a faction of Samyabadi Dal (M-L) at Dhaka Reporters' Unity (DRU), marking the 30th death anniversary of Comrade Mohammad Toha.

“This time he is saying AL will win, and with more votes. Our question is, on the basis of what information he is claiming so,” said the spokesperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the arch-enemy of the ruling AL.

Fakhrul alleged, he who is making the claims of victory spends most of his time abroad.

“He comes at different times and speaks in different ways. Hold an election first, then it will be proved. Hold such an election where you [AL] will not be in power, which will be held in a neutral manner and where people will be able to exercise their franchise freely,” said Fakhrul.

The BNP secretary general called on Joy and the AL leadership to read the pulse of the people. “When people get the chance to express their opinion, they will do it correctly.”

In reference to a claim of Sajeeb Wazed Joy that there is no political party in the country which can defeat the AL, Fakhrul said, “Then the question is, does any political party from outside Bangladesh have the strength to defeat it?”

The BNP leader said they can sense the pulse of people. “We can say, just by seeing the eyes of people and understanding the pulse of people, that you [AL] will lose the election.”

Dwelling on the type of election-time government, Fakhrul said, “The elections must be held under a non-partisan neutral government. The elections must be held under a neutral election commission.”

He said the people of Bangladesh would not accept a 5-January like election once again. “No excuses or pleas on constitution will work.”

He alleged that fake stories of money laundering by BNP Khaleda Zia are being concocted.

“There is even no existence of the online news websites or newspapers or television channels which they referred to as the source of their claim. These are baseless, concocted and false.”

He alleged those who start losing ground resort to such falsehood. “Who resorts to such falsehood? Those who become bankrupt resort to such falsehood.

“Failing to face BNP politically, they [AL] are filing false cases against BNP men. The Awami League government is trying to face the BNP by killing its activists, forcing its activists to disappear, launching attacks and filing false cases,” he added.

Govt retains control over lower court

The BNP secretary general thanked the media to reveal the truth about the government’s control over the lower court. “They didn’t dare to tell the truth. The government keeps the control as per the lower court judges’ code of conduct issued yesterday, Monday.”

He went on to say, “This is a dangerous digression, a dangerous conspiracy. They [Awami League] will gag the dissent voices through ensuring control over the judiciary.”

Earlier at a separate programme at the National Press Club, Mirza Fakhrul alleged the independence of the judiciary has one again fallen into the hands of the government.

“It could not be freed any means. It’s a misfortune that the chief justice lost his job when he tried to free the judiciary. And he had to leave the country at the end of the day.”

The programme was arranged to introduce the pro-BNP panel for Dhaka University Registered Graduate Election 2017.