Rangpur HSC examinees take exams under candlelight

Rangpur HSC examinees take exams under candlelight

The examinees of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations, in Rangpur city, are taking the test under candlelight as none of the centres have electricity.

The HSC and its equivalent examinations, under ten education boards across the country began on Monday.

The first day began with a Bangla first paper examination at 10am.

However, the lack of electricity at all test centres of Rangpur city has caused tremendous suffering and stress to the examinees.

Examinees and their guardians in the area have expressed deep discontent and frustration as the authorities concerned have not taken effective measures to resolve the load-shedding.

A total of 124,879 examinees are taking part in the HSC examination under the Dinajpur education board. There are 199 centres in Rangpur divison's eight districts.

While visiting, firsthand, the Government Rokeya College in Shalban area of Rangpur city, this correspondent saw that examinees entered the test centre with candles. There was no electricity since the morning and the test rooms were dark.

College Principle Mobakkharul Islam said: "The power supply line to the college was cut off during last night's nor'wester. It has caused suffering to the examinees as well as teachers. The authority concerned with the power department should have taken precautionary measures in this regard."

Shahdat Ali, in-charge of the Power Development Board's control room, said the power supply was snapped when trees fell on cables during nor'wester on Sunday night.